Utopia Inkjet Web

UTOPIA INKJET - a coated product that features technology developed jointly with HP for high-speed inkjet web presses. The product line includes both lightweight matte products for the book publishing market and heavier weights in gloss and dull for commercial applications including direct mail.

UTOPIA INKJET PE - for Piezoelectric Inkjet Web Presses. Designed to help move this growing segment forward, Utopia Inkjet PE provides a coated paper solution for high-quality color printing on dryer-enhanced equipment.

For those seeking uncoated paper for the web inkjet platform, Appleton Coated offers:

UTOPIA UNCOATED INKJET with ColorPRO Technology. It represents the quality standard for color excellence in digital printing and is manufactured to meet strict ColorPRO quality specifications, and Utopia Uncoated Inkjet delivers noticeably enhanced print quality when compared to standard uncoated.

UTOPIA UNCOATED INKJET - for Dye-Based Systems. Designed to provide the runnability and graphic quality demanded for roll-fed, dye-based platforms.

Utopia Inkjet & Utopia Uncoated Inkjet both deliver proven performance with no need for a bonding agent!

Utopia Inkjet & Utopia Uncoated Inkjet are available through authorized Utopia Merchants - Locate your local merchant

Utopia Book Inkjet & Utopia Uncoated Inkjet are available through Bulkley Dunton Publishing Group
-- Contact Bulkley Dunton Publishing Group at 212-863-1800 or 800-347-9279 or visit www.bulkleydunton.com

SPECIFICATIONS for Coated & Uncoated Inkjet products are in the printable pdfs to the right.